Our Values

Center Values:
  • Individualism – We believe that each child is a unique person.  We recognize that each child needs to be nurtured and accepted for the special skills and talents that they possess.  “All children have special gifts; they just open their gifts at different times.”
  • Learning – We believe that early childhood is a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle and learning begins here.
  • Caring – We believe that a child can learn best only when they feel safe and cared for in a positive and welcoming environment. 
  • Curriculum – We value a curriculum that emerges from the needs and interests of the children and teachers.  Early Intervention – We believe that early intervention is the key to helping all children reach their full potential.
  • Parents as Partners – We believe that we can only provide quality care and learning experiences when parents work with us as partners in their children’s learning.
  • Community Partnerships – We believe that we must work together with other community agencies and partners to meet the needs of the children and families we work with.
  • Respect – We believe that when children are respected for who they are, they will also respect others.  We develop programs and activities that assure the development and dignity of all children.  We involve parents in decisions that are important to the well-being of their child.
  • Diversity – We value diversity within our center and incorporate each child’s culture, ethnicity, and family structure throughout the program.
  • Advocacy – We believe that as professionals working in the field of Early Childhood Education we must serve as advocates for children, their families, and their teachers in our community and society.


Fraser Ltd.


FM Area Foundation provided funding for Transportation and Personal Care Items for At Risk Youth & Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness.



Cass County Electric Cooperative Foundation awards Fraser, Ltd.’s Skill Enhancement Training program $3,000 for operating costs associate with the daily independent living activities and therapy services.