Adult Independent Living

Our Mission:

Independent Living Services promotes education, advocacy, and active treatment for people with intellectual disabilities by providing supportive services in a residential environment.

The goal of this program is to integrate community-based residential support, comprehensive life skills development, and volunteer opportunities promoting community inclusion for adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Independent Living Services:

Individualized programming is provided to support people with a wide variety of challenges including Prader-Willi Syndrome, Dementia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Celiac Disease, mobility impairment, hearing loss, and vision loss.

Independent Living Services supports this mission by providing:

  • Safe, clean, comfortable homes staffed by highly trained Direct Support Professionals
  • Administration of medication under the guidance of Registered Nurses
  • Consultation and collaboration with general and specialized medical and mental health practitioners 
  • Assistance with the development of goals and objectives to strengthen independent living skills
  • Verbal de-escalation and positive redirection promoting community integration

Success in numbers:
9 licensed, accredited homes in residential neighborhoods
Community-based support for 90 adults with intellectual disabilities
People we support: 98% of survey respondents report satisfaction with services
Families/Guardians: 93% of survey respondents report satisfaction with services
65% of the people we support in residential services are dually diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and mental illness

Adult Day Supports:

Meaningful activities are provided for individuals who have chosen retirement or are in search of recreation/leisure based options. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals who wish to develop pre-vocational skills, or simply enjoy giving back to their community.

Day Support Services supports this mission by providing:

  • Prevocational skill development
  • Assistance with the development of goals and objectives to strengthen independent living skills
  • Services for individuals supported by various local agencies
  • Active participation in community events

Our trained staff are certified in CPR and First Aid. All employees in the independent living department are required to obtain Medication Administration certification.Verbal De-Escalation and Therapeutic Intervention instruction are also provided to all department employees. Certification through Minot State University in the North Dakota Developmental Disabilities Curriculum is required for all employees within one year of employment.

Fraser, Ltd. is licensed through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL.)

For additional information regarding our services please contact us at 701-232-3301 or at

Fraser Ltd.


FM Area Foundation provided funding for Transportation and Personal Care Items for At Risk Youth & Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness.



Cass County Electric Cooperative Foundation awards Fraser, Ltd.’s Skill Enhancement Training program $3,000 for operating costs associate with the daily independent living activities and therapy services.